Classic car storage to protect your investment

Classic car storage to protect your investment

Storage of your classic car should be at the top of your list of ways to preserve your investment. Most people do not have a classic car for everyday driving. It is usually around for showing off at car shows and weekend cruises.

Usually it will be stored in the garage during the summer months while the day to day driver sits outside. But when the weather turns to winter conditions you’ll want your day to day ride protected as well, while your classic car will not be driven. What then?

Storing your classic car in self storage can be the answer. Your garage will be available for your day to day driver, and your classic car will still be protected. Climate controlled rooms are available, and 24 hour security is standard at every reputable self storage facility. Your classic car will be safe from the elements, theft and accidental damage that happen on the streets and in your own garage.

When putting your classic car away for storage be sure to buy a quality cover. This will keep dust from settling on it, and further protect it from accidental damage when you are entering and exiting the space.

In addition to all the previously mentioned benefits of safety, your car will last longer in storage than outside. The harsh winter can play havoc with your car. Freezing and thawing, the threat of hail and high winds, and the unstoppable penetration of rain and water can all deteriorate and damage your classic car. After all the investment you’ve put in it why not take that last step?

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