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Winter Storage Checklist: Cars, Boats & Motorcycles

ChecklistWinter Storage Checklist: Cars, Boats & Motorcycles

It’s already November.

The first day of winter is quickly approaching (this year, it falls on Wednesday, December 21).

And according to the Farmer’s Almanac, this winter is expected to be brutally cold and terribly long.

Oh, and did we mention there’s a good chance winter could start a bit early, too?


If you haven’t placed your car, boat or motorcycle in self-storage, now’s a great time to do so; before the snow and cold really hits.

And before you bring your vehicles to Ten Mini Storage, get them winter-ready by following these helpful checklists.

Black challengerWinterizing your car for storage

Even if you’re using indoor car storage, you can’t just park it and leave it until spring rolls around again.

You’ll want to take a few extra steps to make sure it looks good and runs smoothly the next time you start it up.

  • Inflate the tires to maximum PSI: Over winter, your tires will naturally lose air. If they’re low to begin with, they could become totally flat during the season.
  • Change the oil and clean the filters: Especially if you haven’t changed the oil in a while and/or your car has lots of mileage on it already.
  • Clean it inside and out: Forgotten food crumbs can become a smelly mess and missed bird waste can eat at your car’s paint. Give it a thorough cleaning.
  • Fill up the tank & add stabilizer: A full tank keeps your fuel fresh (and prevents it from freezing). It also eliminates the need to drain your gas tank after storage.
  • Top up all fluids: Wiper fluid. Anti-freeze. Brake fluid. Make sure all fluid tanks are filled to capacity.
  • Remove the battery: It’s possible the battery terminals could rust over winter. Take the battery out of the car and connect it to a battery maintainer to maintain power.

Nice boatWinterizing your boat for storage

Boats are made to handle the water. But still, you want to keep them safe from the bitter cold and blowing snow.

Boat storage keeps your watercraft protected from the elements.

And you can provide extra protection too before towing it to your #10 Mini Storage outdoor storage unit.

  • Wash the exterior fully: Pay extra close attention to the motor and boat hull. That’s where the majority of harmful stains, dirt and debris will be.
  • Remove the propeller: If there’s any damage, now’s the time to spot it and replace/repair it (not at the start of next boating season).
  • Install a dehumidifier: If your boat has cabins or enclosed areas, a dehumidifier will prevent mildew growth from taking place.
  • Remove the boat batteries: Store them in a cool, dry place and use a smart charger to keep them powered up over the winter.
  • Change oil, filters and fluids: Don’t forget about crankcase and gearcase oil, as well as anti-freeze. Use fogging fluid to keep the engine from corroding.
  • Fill up with fuel and stabilizer: This will prevent condensation from forming in permanent tanks. For portable tanks or jerry cans, safely remove and drain.

If you’re planning on using boat trailer storage, place the trailer on stands or blocks to keep the wheels off the ground.

As well, keep the bow higher than the stern. This will help snow drain and flow through the trailer.

Red MotorcycleWinterizing your motorcycle for storage

Motorcycle storage is a great way to keep your ride safe and sound during its winter hiatus.

And even if you’re still riding, you can always prepare your motorcycle for its storage rental by following these basic tips:

  • Stabilize the fuel: Fill up your bike’s tank and then add fuel stabilizer. Run the engine for about 15 minutes to ensure the stabilizer works its way through.
  • Perform an oil change: Leftover oil contaminants can oxidize over the winter. Changing the oil removes sludge and guarantees fresh lubrication when you pull your bike from storage.
  • Get the battery ready: Got a lead-acid battery? Attach a battery tender to it to keep it charged over the winter. Better still, remove the battery and store in a warm, dry place.
  • Clean and lubricate your motorcycle: Dirt and road salt will damage metal. Completely clean your bike and lubricate the chain and other moving parts.
  • Inspect the tires: If possible, deflate your tires to remove any moisture. Then, inflate them with clean, compressed air to their proper levels.

Protect your investment with self-storage

You’ve worked hard for your car, boat or motorcycle.

Don’t keep them in pristine condition, only to leave them exposed to the cold elements for 4 months (or even longer, depending on how this winter goes).

Prolong their lifespan and appearance by using a proper storage unit for your vehicle.

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