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Moving During the Winter

At #10 Mini Storage, we specialize in moving and storage and we get plenty of questions about both. One question we receive often is regarding how to move during the winter months. Being an Ontario-based company, winters bring plenty of frost and ice, and everyone knows navigating in the snow is no easy feat much less for trying to move all of your belongings. 

To ensure all our clients are safe and warm during their winter move, we’ve compiled a list of helpful tips for moving in the winter months. Here’s what you need to know about moving in Caledon, Ontario in the winter. 

Pack in Advance to Avoid the Winter Rush 

Winter is no time for procrastination, especially when it comes to winter moving & storage. It’s crucial that you take advantage of any spare time to pack and stack your belongings. Moving in the winter makes you a slave to the weather, and you never know if the power will go or weather will be too bad to retrieve packing materials later. 

Be Flexible on Move Times as Weather is Never Guaranteed 

The weather is never quite stable during the winter months in Caledon. We might see a week of snow followed by a week of rain. It all depends on good old mother nature. Therefore, being flexible in your moving preference and schedule is important. Working closely with your movers and following recent weather updates will help you organize the best times to move. 

Even with an eye on the weather network and a plan in place, you may still find yourself needed to reschedule at a moment’s notice. 

Use a Professional Service 

A DIY move in the summer is fast, affordable, and fun. There’s usually beer, BBQ, and a big group of friends packing and moving together. In the winter, this all changes. Not only does ice and snow negate the option of a BBQ moving party, it also makes it dangerous for amateurs to maneuver boxes in and out of your house. 

There’s also the drive from point A to point B to consider. Driving in the snow and cold is tricky. Leaving it to the professionals ensures everything and everyone makes it over to your new house in one piece. 

Consider Storage Lockers for Ease and Convenience 

Storage Lockers are currently trending for residential and corporate moves. Moving in the winter months sometimes takes a while. Using a storage locker means you have access to your “moving truck” for days before you leave your current property. Many moving companies operating with self-storage locker locations, make it very easy to find the right storage locker for you and your move that is easy to find and access. At #10 Mini Storage, we provide safe, easy access storage options of all sizes to ensure your move during the winter goes slowly. Additionally, we ensure you always have access to your belongings so the move goes at the pace you set. 

Be Prepared with Cleaning Supplies for Wet Floors 

Winter moving & storage is messy. Be prepared with towels and mops on hand to take care of melting snow and ice as they enter your home. It would be a nightmare to have someone slip and fall in the middle of your move. Not only is it dangerous and could seriously injure somebody, but it will also slow things down tremendously as people try to avoid puddles on the porch. 

Clear a Path to Your Home in Advance 

Moving in the winter months requires some hard labour. Shoveling your walk and driveway and salting any icy areas is important. Protecting yourself and your movers during the moving process should be a top priority and one as easy as keeping things clear of ice and snow. 

Make your cold weather move easier on yourself. Store anything you need with #10 Mini Storage. Contact us today to get started.