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Unusual Storage Units: Weirdest Things Found in Storage Units

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Anyone who uses storage units knows how convenient they are for storing things you don’t need access to everyday. While storage units have tough security, some people abandon their storage unit. When they do, we get to find out what was inside.

Why do Storage Units Become Abandoned?

There are many reasons a storage unit may become abandoned. People may:

  • Forget about their storage unit
  • Move and fail to clean out their things
  • Stop paying and are denied access
  • Pass away without telling their family about the unit

No matter what reason storage units are abandoned, you may find something interesting in them. Especially when famous people leave behind storage units, there are often treasures to be found.

interesting finds in a storage box

Interesting Things Left in a Storage Unit

While sometimes people only leave behind items that are valuable to them, occasionally you’ll find a unit with something unique in it. Some of the coolest celebrity items found in a storage unit include:

  • James Bond’s submarine car: The unit that the car was in was purchased for only one hundred dollars!
  • All of Burt Reynolds’ memorabilia: The famous actor collected many items from his life and stored most in a storage unit. He defaulted on the payment for the unit, but those who purchased it placed all the interesting items into a museum.
  • Original Michael Jackson songs: Michael Jackson’s father stored over 250 original songs by his son in a storage unit. The person who bought the unit became the legal owner of the songs as Jackson wasn’t under contract when he made them!
  • Aretha Franklin’s clothes: Franklin’s clothing was discovered by a lucky buyer who bought a unit she stopped paying for. To Franklin they were just extra clothes, to the buyer they were a fortune.
  • Nicholas Cage’s comic book: Someone stole a comic book worth a million dollars from actor Nicholas Cage and placed it in a storage unit. When they stopped paying for the unit, someone else purchased it at auction. The buyer found the comic and recognized that it was valuable. They brought it to a comic book dealer who knew it was Nicholas Cage’s comic—and the buyer gave it back to him![1]

Other rare and unusual items found in abandoned storage units include:

  • Rare cars
  • Old space equipment
  • A rocket
  • A burglar[2]

Going through someone else’s belongings can be a lot of fun. Even if you don’t find something worth a lot of money, you may find some cool keepsakes! Thinking of storing your own precious items in a storage unit? Contact us at #10 Mini Storage.

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