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Unheated Storage Tips for the Fall & Winter

Unheated Storage Tips for the Fall & Winter

Cold temperature

Pretty soon, there will be a chill in the air.

Inside your unheated storage unit, that little chill can become an uncomfortably frigid environment for anyone – or anything – that steps inside of it.

If you’re planning to bypass climate controlled self-storage options at Ten Mini Storage (and don’t worry, many people do), here are some tips to protect your belongings.

Before you start storing…

Whether it’s clothes, furniture, summer tire storage or document storage, make certain to take these precautions:

  • Cover the storage rental floor with a plastic sheet or tarp. This provides an extra layer of warmth and creates a barrier between your items and a cold concrete floor.
  • Stack items on skids or pallets. This keeps things off the ground completely and lowers the possibility of warping during the cold winter months.
  • Use plastic containers instead of boxes. There can be wild temperature swings, even in winter. When that happens, cardboard boxes can absorb moisture and tear.

ClothesClothing storage tips

Most clothes are mold resistant.

But items made from the following materials are known to not be mold-resistant:


  • Cotton
  • Wool
  • Silk
  • Linen
  • Leather

Although mold and mildew are associated with damp, humid areas, they can still form when winter is raging outside your unheated storage space.

And that makes for a nasty surprise when you pull your clothes out of storage in spring.

Prior to bringing your clothing items to #10 Mini Storage, be certain to:

  • Clean it and dry it thoroughly. Even the smallest drop of moisture can lead to musty mildew or discolored clothes.
  • Use a water-repellent spray. This will help with moisture absorption, which can occur if you’ll be visiting your unit frequently in winter.
  • Sprinkle mothball crystals in the folds of your clothes. When clothes are folded, air can’t circulate. Paradichlorobenzene flakes prevent exposure to mildew & moths.

Planning on keeping leather shoes in unheated storage?

Spray floor wax (there are products designed for this) to the soles and uppers to keep moisture at bay.

ArmchairFurniture storage tips

When planning for winter storage, furniture should be kept as far away from the storage unit door as possible.

That way, if any fog, rain or snow does manage to slip in, it won’t come into contact with your furniture.

Other things to do include:

  • Clean your furniture thoroughly. Use fabric-safe cleaners and low-phosphate soap (as excessive phosphates can lead to mildew growth).
  • Wax your wooden furniture. This will create a shiny shield that will boost its resistance to moisture.
  • Wrap up your furniture. One layer of plastic or shrink wrap won’t do. You’ll want to double or even triple-wrap chairs, tables, desks and more.

Planning on keeping antique furniture in unheated storage?

You may want to reconsider.

Older finishes may not do well without climate control and could deteriorate quickly if it gets too cold inside your unit.

Desktop computerElectronic storage tips

Ever notice when it’s freezing cold outside, your car radio takes longer to show its display?

That’s because the chilly temperatures slow down the components and mechanisms inside your stereo.

Inside an unheated storage unit, your electronics may fail outright because it’s gets too cold, unless you:

  • Store electronics in their original packaging. Once you’ve done that, double-wrap the box with shrink wrap for extra protection.
  • Invest in high-end moving supplies. Protective covers, moisture-resistant packing tape & even plastic wardrobe boxes should be used for your electronic devices.

Since electronics tend to be delicate and fragile, make sure you store them as high as possible.

That’s because any heat that’s inside your unheated storage unit (yes, that does sound ironic) will rise.

Wine GlassesDishware storage tips

Wrapping dishes, glasses, mugs or vases is a must before bringing them to your storage unit.

Once they’re protected, make sure they stay that way by:

  • Storing breakables on top of stacks. When it gets cold, ceramic or glass items can crack due to pressure. Having them sit on top of things lessens that possibility.

Just make certain your stacks (and your dinnerware containers) are solid, strong and sturdy.

Visit your unit whenever you wish

Want to check on your items every so often to see how they’re doing?

At Ten Mini Storage, you can.

In the middle of an overnight snowstorm or in an early morning deep-freeze, put your mind at ease by visiting your belongings whenever you want.

That way, if you want to move something or take it out altogether, you can.

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