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Everything You Need to Know About Unheated Storage

16 Tips for Storing Just About Anything in an Unheated Storage Unit

Renting an unheated storage unit saves money, especially if your possessions are to be stored for an extended time.

However, the Greater Toronto Area (where #10 Mini Storage is located) experiences wide temperature and humidity swings.

Forgoing climate control could be a case of penny-wise and pound-foolish; without implementing special precautions.

General Tips for Moisture Protection in Storage Units

  • 1. Antique furniture, regardless of how it is stored, may not fare well without climate control because older finishes deteriorate when subjected to extreme temperatures.
  • 2. Before putting anything in the unit, cover the floor with a vapor barrier such as plastic sheeting.
  • 3. Stack items above the floor on 2×4 stickers or use pallets.
  • 4. Store items in sealed plastic containers rather than cardboard boxes. The latter absorb moisture.

Storing Clothing

Clothing rack

While most modern synthetic materials are mold resistant, cotton, wool, silk, linen and leather are not.

Even a mild case of mildew can discolor such fabrics, leaving behind a strong musty odor. In the worst cases, mildew rots clothing.

In order to avoid this happening in your storage unit, make certain to follow these steps:

  • 5. Before storing clothing, clean it with a low-phosphate detergent and dry it thoroughly.
  • 6. Spray clothing or other fabrics with water-repellent spray that resists moisture absorption.
  • 7. Sprinkling paradichlorobenzene crystals within the folds of clothes packed in boxes prevents mildew growth and controls moths. You will find it listed on various brand name products on grocery shelves.
  • 8. A simple way to protect leather shoes is to apply floor wax to the soles and uppers to keep away moisture. Check shoe or luggage stores for aerosol spray products designed for this purpose also.

Protecting Furniture

Consider storing furniture without climate control? Whether or not you have a climate-controlled storage unit, it’s important that you take a few precautions to protect your furniture:

  • 9. Position furnishings away from the storage unit door where fog or rain might seep in.
  • 10. Clean furniture with a fabric-safe, low-phosphate antibacterial soap. Phosphates provide a substrate for mildew growth.
  • 11. After cleaning and drying, wax wooden furniture to increase its moisture resistance.
  • 12. Double-wrap all furniture with plastic or shrink wrap.

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Paper Items and Books

BooksWarm, humid weather is a bane for paper items, especially books.

Here’s how unheated document storage can be beneficial to you:

  • 13. Place such items in sealed containers in which has been added a bag of paradichlorobenzene or chemical moisture absorbent.

Electronic Items

Moisture and temperature swings can damage sensitive electronic items such as stereo amplifiers, computers, TVs and so on.

  • 14. If possible, store electronics in their original packaging and double-wrap the container with shrink-wrap. Add a moisture absorbent before sealing the boxes.

Dishware and Vases

  • 15. Ceramic or glass items can crack during temperature extremes. To lessen that possibility, store such items in containers on top of stacks to eliminate pressure on them.

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Moisture Absorbents

There are several chemicals available for absorbing ambient moisture which you are unlikely to find them at the grocery store.

Check with chemical or scientific supply shops to find large quantities that are affordable.

  • 16. Suggested absorbents include silica gel, anhydrous calcium sulfate and activated alumina. The first two appear blue when dry and pink when wet. All three can be dried in a 150C oven for a few hours and then reused.

Check Your Unit Periodically

In a storage rental without climate control, following the steps above is the best you can do to safeguard your possessions.

Inspect your items every month or so, especially during the middle of summer or winter, to ensure they are faring well.

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