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How to Keep Track of Things You Put in Storage

How to Keep Track of Things You Put in Storage


Perhaps you’ve been looking around your house lately and feeling like there isn’t enough space.

Small things have piled up on shelves, and your house feels cramped.

Or maybe you’ve downsized recently and don’t have the room for storage you once had.

Thankfully, a storage unit can provide the right solution to all these problems.

When many people move their property into a storage unit, one of the major challenges is to develop a system to keep track of the things you’ve stored.

Different people will develop different systems, but the method below will provide a solid base from which to design your perfect storage plan.

Start with choosing the right-sized unit

While you are still in the planning stages of moving your property, look into the right size for your unit.

If your unit is too small, organisation will become a significant challenge as you struggle to make room to move around the inside of your space.

The perfect unit should give you room to place all your boxes and still leave space for you to move around.

boxes with labelsCategorize your items

As you are preparing to move your property, divide your things into categories.

Each box should only have one category of property in it.

So you might have a box dedicated to items like:

While you box these items up, you can go the extra mile and include a list of their contents at the top of the box.

This way, a simple look inside the box will allow you to know if the item you’re looking for is inside without rifling through the entire box.

Another option is to look into storage organization apps, as many of these will allow you to maintain these lists on your smartphone.

colour codingColour-code your boxes

As you label your boxes and prepare to move them in, take advantage of some coloured markers.

A simple code will allow you to make each category of your property immediately distinct.

For example, you could mark the word “books” on your boxes of books in bright red ink, as well as a thick red stripe down the side of the box.

This way, when you walk into your storage unit, a simple glance will allow you to find any box you need.

All these colors could be a little too much to remember, especially if you haven’t made a trip to your self-storage unit recently.

There are two easy steps you can take to simplify this process:

  • First, make a small key to your colour scheme and post it on the wall next to the entrance.
  • Second, as you place your boxes in your unit, keep boxes in the same category next to each other.

Post a simple diagram showing that your boxes of clothing are lined along the right wall, your books along the left, and your holiday decorations along the back.

Simple techniques like this will make your storage experience much simpler and more rewarding.

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