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Tips for Packing Fragile Items for Moving

Moving is one of the most stressful things that a person can go through. All the sorting, packing and transporting can really wear you down. But it’s something you can’t rush if you want to protect your belongings, especially when it comes to your fragile items.

Fragile items are generally either very expensive, old family heirlooms or very meaningful, and often times are irreplaceable if damaged. That’s why it is so vital to take your time when packing these items. A little extra time packing them means less stress while they are on route to your destination and having all the confidence that they will arrive safely.

Key Tips for Packing Delicate Items

Follow these tips to help protect your fragile things to ensure they make the trip safely:

  1. Use multiple smaller boxes. The best way to pack fragile items is to pick the smallest box possible that they will fit into. Also, use multiple boxes instead of keeping them all in one box. This will help them stay secure and will mean less of a chance of them breaking under the weight of heavier boxes.
  2. Wrap each item individually. Wrapping each item individually, like you do when wrapping dishes for moving, is the best way to protect your things. If an item has multiple pieces, separate and wrap them individually as well. All items should be wrapped and taped with an insulating material, such as bubble wrap.
  3. Don’t skimp on the tape. Tape is your best friend when you move, so don’t skimp on how much you use on your boxes. The bottom of the boxes should definitely have a couple of strips on them to ensure they don’t give out when lifted.
  4. Fill hollow items. Any item that is hollow, such as vases, bowls, jars or art pieces should have packing material stuffed inside of them to prevent them from cracking or other damage while traveling.
  5. Have a permanent marker on hand. All items that are fragile should be labelled as such. Make sure to write ‘FRAGILE’ in big, bold and clear writing. It’s also not a bad idea to write it on all sides of the box, as well as on the top so that it can be seen from all angles.
  6. Take your time. Packing can be a pretty dull job, but taking your time now ensures your items reach your new home safely. Listen to some music or watch TV or a movie while packing to make the job a little more enjoyable!
  7. Use a soft base in the boxes. For an extra layer of security, put soft materials, like towels or packing paper, at the bottom of the box to add padding for the items. This can help with any bumps the boxes may hit while in transport.[1]

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