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The Truth Behind What’s Left in a Storage Unit

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If you keep your things in a storage locker, you may be wondering what actually happens if your storage unit is ever left behind. Or, you may be wondering if it would be fun or profitable to buy an abandoned storage unit.

We will answer all your burning questions and provide you with a real look behind the storage unit process.

How Long Before Storage Units Go to Auction?

Typically speaking, there is a window of 30-90 days before a storage unit goes to auction. During this time, the tenant will be given opportunities to pay the required fees and reclaim their items.

If the storage tenant is unresponsive, we place the storage up for auction. Specific guidelines are always explained in the lease agreement so that both the storage providers and tenants are clear on when and how this may happen.

What Buying a Storage Unit is Really Like

Popular television shows and news coverage have made buying storage units seem like an exciting and prosperous activity. Sometimes you can find very rare, unique, or valuable items.

While sorting through an abandoned storage unit can be exciting, more often than not, it’s boring. If you buy an abandoned unit you need to be prepared to sift through someone else’s belongings that have little financial or emotional value. The items may not even be interesting.

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However, sometimes you may buy a storage unit with sentimental items—which can be unexpectedly emotional. Think baby booties, family pictures, old jewellery boxes, and wedding photos. You can find these in units that were used for short or long-term storage.

It can be an interesting but heart wrenching experience to go through someone’s belongings that you do not know. It’s like stepping into their history.

If you are prepared for the inconvenience of dealing with belongings you don’t want, buying storage units at auctions can become a fun hobby that you can partake in with other people.

Are You Intrigued?

Buying storage units isn’t for everyone. It can be full of excitement and surprise, or boredom and disappointment. You could make some money, or just end up taking a few trips to the dump to discard the stuff you bought.

If you’re still intrigued in storage units, perhaps because you want to go on an emotional journey, you like the surprise of opening a unit, or you think you can make some money, get in touch with us at #10 Mini Storage.