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The Best Way to Sell Antiques

If you have antiques sitting in your long-term storage unit, it’s probably because you find it’s too much of a hassle to sell them. Not to worry. We’re here to share the best ways to sell antiques, to help you clear out your storage unit.

You can sell online, at antique auctions, fairs or shows. Which is best for you may depend on which you find most convenient and what items you are trying to sell. We’ll discuss your options in further detail below.

Live Auctions

You can sell valuable antiques that will generate high demand at a live auction. Rare or valuable items that are in mint or near mint-condition will do well at your local auction house. Most houses take between 20-50 percent of the sale price as commission but the exact total is determined by how much your item sells for.

It may seem pricey to sell at an auction house, but in doing so you get access to high spenders. This is great if you’re selling items like paintings, arcade machines and historical artifacts.

You can consult the National Auctioneers Association’s online database to find a local auctioneer near you.

Online Auction Sites

Wondering where to sell antiques that are not quite mint condition but are still valuable? Try online auction sites like eBay. You can attract a wide group of potential buyers online, but items typically sell at a lower price.

Auction sites are good for selling video games, coins, and other items that many people are searching for and provide the convenience, in most cases, of not having to travel far or at all to get them off your hands.

Antiques Shows/Fairs

An antique show or antique fair could be a great way to sell your goods. Just pick a show that caters to the kind of items you’re looking to sell. For example, if you want to sell antique furniture, choose a fair that’s just for antique furniture. Buyers prefer these fairs because they get to see your item with their own eyes.

If you’ve never sold goods at an antique fair before, it’s best to start with a small market that’s local and contact the organizers ahead of time to reserve a space. Get there early, set up a creative booth, don’t under-price your items and be prepared to put in the work to market your items in person.

Specialty Dealer or Pawn Shop

Is convenience your first priority when buying and selling antiques? Then try a specialty dealer or pawn shop. These shops typically offer less than 50 percent of the current market value, but you’ll get paid immediately and won’t have to deal with the auction process.

Pawnshops are best for high-demand antiques like jewellery and coins. Specialty dealers are best for high-value items like vases, paintings, video games, and branded merchandise.

Garage Sale

If you have many items to sell, or your items are of poor quality, try a garage sale. You may not make the most money this way, but you will empty out your storage containers.

Remember, the best way to sell antiques depends on the items you’re selling and your own priorities. Have fun and do what feels right for you.

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