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Summer Car Storage Tips

Black challengerSummer Car Storage Tips

Own a classic or luxury car you only drive in summer?

With fall and winter around the corner, you’ll want to protect your special ride from harsh weather conditions.

Indoor car storage  at Ten Mini Storage is your best bet because our self-storage facilities are:

  • Clean and dry
  • Monitored with 24/7 safety & security features
  • Accessible by you anytime, day or night

You’ll need to do some preparation before bringing your summer car to us.

That way, it’ll be in perfect running condition when you pull it from storage in 2017.

Dipstick1. Check the oil levels

Pull the dipstick to inspect the engine oil:

  • If the oil looks dirty and you’ve reached your mileage limit, you should perform and oil change before storing your car.
  • If the oil is clean and you have kilometres left before your next change, you can leave it until spring and start with fresh oil.

Modern, synthetic motor oils can remain stable for up to a year in the engine. So if you haven’t used all your kilometres, an oil change isn’t necessary.

2. Give it a thorough washing and cleaning

Don’t over look this step.

Those stray crumbs on the floor can turn into a moldy, smelly mess over the winter.

And any stray bird droppings or water stains can damage the paint.

Remember to also clean the wheels, underneath the fenders and your car’s mud flaps too.

After all, this may be your last chance to clean it for a few months. You’ll want it to be perfect when you look at it again in spring.

Full tank3. Fill up the gas tank

Having a full tank of gas will keep moisture from building up inside the fuel tank.

It also ensures any seals don’t dry out.

After you’ve filled up the tank, purchase and use a fuel stabilizer product.

Just as its name implies, it keeps the gas stable for up to 12 months and protects against:

  • Ethanol accumulation
  • Gumming up the engine
  • Varnish
  • Rust

And while you’re topping up the gas tank, make sure other fluids (like anti-freeze, washer fluid or brake fluid) are also full.

4. Pump up the tires

Bring a portable pump with you to your storage rental facility.

Right before you leave your summer car for the season, inflate the tires to the maximum PSI rating that’s noted on the sidewalls.

This prevents the tires from developing “flat spots” as they naturally deflate over time (which happens more quickly in cold weather vs. hot weather).

Another option is to remove the tires and place the car on jack stands for the winter.

The rationale behind this is that your tires will be in better shape if they aren’t just sitting there with the weight of the car atop them for a few months.

Car battery5. Keep the battery charged

A battery that’s not in use will eventually lose its charge.

If possible, visit your car in its storage unit and start it up (and if you want to drive it around the #10 Mini Storage property, even better).

Driving the car periodically (even in winter) does have long-term benefits:

  • It helps the battery keep its charge
  • It keeps the engine and other internal components properly lubricated
  • It ensures the air conditioner and heater work properly

If you can’t – or don’t want to – start the car while it’s in storage, there are a few options available to you:

  • Simply disconnect the negative battery cable (you’ll have to reset your stereo and clock when you hook it back up in spring).
  • Purchase a trickle charger; a small device which connects to your car battery and plugs into a wall. It delivers enough power to prevent your battery from losing its charge.

car cover6. Cover it up

Although your car will be safe and sound with indoor car storage, covering it up with a high-quality, tight-fitting car tarp is a good idea.

Not only does it provide an extra layer of protection, it also keeps your car warm during those cold winter months.


Store your summer car with us

You’ve worked hard for your summer car. It’s your pride and joy.

This winter, don’t store it outdoors in your driveway (or worse, on the street).

And don’t store it in your garage where it could get damaged or scratched.

Use classic car storage to protect your investment.

Contact us today for a FREE quote or to arrange an appointment so you can inspect our units for yourself.

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