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Storing Furniture Between Moves: Gaps in Closing Dates

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furniture between moves can be frustrating, expensive and inconvenient. Discover the simple solution from Ten Mini Storage.

Problems Storing Furniture Between Moves

Having even a small gap between your closing dates can leave you in the lurch. While a friend or family member might have some room for a few of your boxes, they probably aren’t able to fit your couch, table, bed and other large items as well. You may not know how long you need to store everything either and that may cause some short-term issues.

So where can you reliably store furniture when moving? The simple and best solution is to use temporary storage in one of Ten Mini Storage’s units. We are convenient, safe, and you don’t need to know how long you’ll need the storage space in order to use us.

Convenience and Storage Amenities

Instead of hassling friends and family with your belongings, choose a storage unit. We have many different sized units available so that you only rent as much space as you need.

Moving out of student housing? A 5×10 unit should work for you. Moving to a three or four-bedroom home? Our 10×30 or 8×40 units will hold everything you own.

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Forgot your moving supplies? Ten Mini Storage provides all of the supplies you’ll need. Our supplies include:

  • Wrapping paper
  • Bubble wrap
  • Tape guns
  • Packing tape
  • 5 different box sizes:
    • 5 Cube 16” x 13” x 13”
    • 0 Cube 18” x 15” x 13”
    • 0 Cube 18” x 18” x 21”
    • 0 Cube 20” x 20” x 26”
    • Wardrobe 25” x 21” x 49”
  • Mattress covers
  • Chair and sofa covers
  • Padlocks
  • Penske rental trucks

Worried about buying too many boxes? If you don’t use some of our supplies, simply return them to us and we won’t charge you for it.

Safe and Secure Storage

You don’t have to worry about your furniture between moves when it’s stored with us. Our storage facility is fully gated and only current customers and staff can enter.

Each customer has their own access code, so that we know who is in the building at any time. This, along with our 24/7 video surveillance, strongly deters theft.

More Benefits of Storing Your Belongings at Ten Mini Storage

If you have the chance to get into your new home early, you’ll want to take it. When you store your furniture between moves at Ten Mini Storage, you can access your belongings at any time. If you need to move your stuff right away, you can.

When you have gaps in closing dates and need to store furniture fast, the convenient and safe choice is with Ten Mini Storage. Reach out to us today, even on short notice, and we’ll help get your belongings secured.