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Store Your Winter Tires With Us

Store Your Winter Tires With Us for Just $39.95

Winter tires

That was quite an ice storm we just experienced, wasn’t it?

If you haven’t yet decided where to store your winter tires for the season, you should bring them to us.

Our tire storage service is only $39.95 per season (that’s one of the lowest rates you’ll find anywhere).

It’s true.

Other storage facilities (some of which aren’t even true storage units, like garages or mechanic shops) can charge $100 or more to store your tires.

In addition to having higher prices, they just aren’t equipped (or have the space) to properly store your winter tires.

What we offer that other places can’t

Here’s why you should store your tires at Ten Mini Storage (for just $39.95 remember):

  • Frees up valuable garage space for the season
  • Our tire storage spaces are highly secured with controlled access
  • Your tires are stored in a dry place away from sunlight which could damage them
  • All tires are properly tagged; your tires won’t get lost or swapped with other sets

Winter tires for carWhere are you storing your tires this year?

  • Are you going to try and cram them in your garage?
  • Will you be looking for a corner in your basement to place them?
  • Do you plan on shoving them in your backyard shed?

All of those options are inconvenient and can potentially damage your tires over the spring, summer and fall:

  • They could get too hot and melt, thereby losing their effectiveness
  • Water and moisture could get inside them, potentially rotting them
  • They could get punctured by garden or landscaping tools

Which means that when you pull them out in the winter, they’ll be ruined and you’ll need to buy a new set.

Plus if they aren’t stored properly, they could fall over and cause injury.

Store them safely – and properly – for just $39.95

Why not keep your winter tires out of the way – but still safe – with secure tire storage at Ten Mini Storage?

Make sure you book your tire storage space today for only $39.95.

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