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Why You Should Store Your Business Vehicle With Us

Why You Should Store Your Business Vehicle With Us

If you’re one of the many hardworking people who drive a business vehicle for work purposes, you likely want to keep the car in top condition.

If you’re looking for the perfect place to keep your vehicle, try one of our vehicle storage facilities.

Storing your company car ensures that it will always look goodWhy should you store your business vehicle?

There are many reasons to store and protect your business vehicle, including the following.

1. Many workplaces require it.

If the car is a loan from your employer, you may have signed a contract that stipulates you will take good care of the vehicle. This often includes protecting it from the elements and returning it in the same condition as when you acquired it.

2. Your clients and colleagues will notice.

If your car is damaged or dirty, your customers will notice. The state of your vehicle is often a reflection of you, and it might cost you a business deal in the long run.

3. It gives you peace of mind.

If you store your vehicle in a safe, secure storage space like our storage facilities, you can rest easily at night. There will be no need to worry about the vehicle when it’s protected so well.

Why should you use our facility?

Our storage facility provides everything you need for easy of access and protection of your valuables.

  • We offer 24-hour access to current customers. We also have convenient business hours if you’d like to come in and talk with us.
  • We have 24-hour surveillance, so you never need to worry that your belongings aren’t protected.
  • Our storage facilities are convenient to access due to the drive-up service we offer. You can easily retrieve or store your belongings quickly.

How should you prepare your vehicle for storage?

It’s not absolutely necessary that you prepare your vehicle at all for storage, especially if you will drive it occasionally, but taking some precautions will help keep your vehicle safer than simply dropping it off.

Wash your business vehicle thoroughly before storing it

1. Clean it well.

A washed exterior and clean interior are best for indoor car storage. Otherwise, old dirt and stains may damage the carpets or paint if the car sits in storage for too long.

2. Perform all maintenance.

A well-maintained vehicle sits through long periods of storage better than one that needs an oil change or other maintenance task.

3. Cover it with a cloth or car cover.

Our storage units protect your vehicle well from outside elements, but a car cover will keep even small dust particles away from your paint job.

4. Talk to your insurance company.

Many policies have special rates for vehicles that are driven only occasionally or stored for long periods of time. You can check with your agent to see if any of these discounts would apply in your situation. If the vehicle is insured through your workplace, your Human Resources department or manager might appreciate knowing that the vehicle is stored well and protected.

Keep your business vehicle safe with us

Storing your business vehicle properly shows that you care about your car and want to keep it safe and sound.

If you only drive your business vehicle occasionally or simply want to keep it protected well each evening, contact us for a quote.

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