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Smart Ways to Pack Up Your Winter Gear

Smart Ways to Pack Up Your Winter Gear

There is nothing more frustrating than starting out your winter with a scramble to find your gear. This year, don’t let unorganized self-storage get the better of you. Follow these steps, and pack away your things in an organized manner.

1. Know Your Space

Get a precise measurement of your self-storage unit so you know how much room you'll have

Before you even start to pack away your gear, you need to be familiar with the layout and space of your storage unit and know the answers to such questions as:

  • How tall is your locker?
  • What are the other dimensions?


Nothing is worse than trying to cram your items into a space that is too small.

You may cause damage, or as a best case scenario, you’ll have a hard time finding what you need. Get a storage unit that is big enough for your needs.

2. Clean Your Accessories

Clean your winter gear (like sleds) before storing them

It might seem so easy to just throw everything into your storage unit and be done with it until the season returns, but it’s not smart. You should clean everything and store it safely before packing it in your storage space.

If there are fluids in an item, drain them.

If something is dirty, clean it so you can use it immediately when you come back for it.

Then, your gear is clean and ready to use.

3. Organization is Key

Before you put anything in your locker, you should organize it. Use boxes or containers of all sizes to group together similar items.

Labeling the containers is even more helpful. When winter starts, you won’t struggle to find what you need. Instead of spending hours looking for several different items, you can pull out your container and have it all.

4. Prioritize

This may be the most important step to keep your gear ready for the winter. For easy access, organize everything by priority:

  • Items that you need early and often in winter should go to the front of your self-storage unit
  • Items that you may not need, or will be used less frequently can go towards the back

If you don’t prioritize, you may find yourself surrounded by a mountain of unnecessary items and no sign of what you really need.

5. Access to Everything

If you're placing a skidoo in self-storage, make sure you have easy access to it

Even if everything is organized and prioritized, you should make sure you have access to every container in your unit.

Leave a small path to items in the back; you don’t want to have to pull out every box just so you can reach one item.

Large items, such as ski-doos and tires, should have a clear route out.


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By taking a smart approach to packing your gear, you can save yourself from a big headache.

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