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How to Select the Best Storage Unit

How to Select the Best Storage Unit

A storage unit can provide a significant degree of convenience in your life, but to make sure you get the most value possible, you need to make sure the unit you choose is the best one for your needs. The following guidelines will help you select the storage unit that‘s perfect for you and for the things you want to store:

    • Size mattersSize matters: Ideally, you want to select a unit that’s big enough to accommodate your items with room left over for you to move around while you’re going through items, organizing or repacking. One of the most common mistakes people make is to rent the smallest unit possible to save a little bit of money, only to find it’s impossible to access items near the back or the unit without emptying the contents in front. Instead of choosing a small unit and cramming every inch with boxes or other items, look for a unit that will have enough space left over to allow you relatively easy access to all your boxes and items.
    • Control the variables: If you don’t have temperature-sensitive items (most aren’t), look for units without climate control- this might save you money.
    • Depend less on location: It’s worth the extra drive time to get a unit that’s secure, that meets your needs, and that’s located in an area where you feel safe. An added benefit: Casting a wider net means you may also be able to get a lower price on a unit located a little farther from an urban center. Of course, if there’s a facility nearby that meets all of your security criteria (like we know ours will) , that’s a bonus.
    • Do your homeworkDo your homework: Once you have a few locations in mind, do a little research online to read about what other storage customers are saying. Remember, some services actually pay for good reviews from people who haven’t even sued them, and other reviewers may have a personal ax to grind, so take any review with a dose of caution and common sense. Instead, use reviews to note any recurring complaints which may be a good indication of a legitimate problem.
    • Make a visit: After narrowing down your options to a few locations, visit them and take a walk around. Since some facilities will show you the best example of their units, ask to see the actual unit you’d be renting – or one in the same general location – to make sure it looks as good as it’s being made out to be.
    • storage unitAsk about payment policies: Is there a grace period for late payments? What happens if you’re late? Know these policies so you don’t wind up having your stuff appear on a future episode of Storage Wars.
    • Ask about discounts: The storage unit business is competitive, and some facilities offer discounts and promotions. Be sure that if you plan to stay in the unit long term, choose a facility where the cost will be affordable in the long term (not one that offers a high first-month discount and then jacks up the price for the following months).
    • Don’t be pressured: Be alert for hard-sell tactics that require you to sign on the spot or forfeit the unit. Many facilities let you have a day to think over an offer before signing a contract. While you’re at it, ask for a copy of the contract so you can review it. Don’t sign a contract without carefully reading it over, preferably on your own time.

A great storage unit can be a godsend, providing you with much needed space in your home or apartment while providing a safe and secure environment to store the rest of your belongings. Taking time to choose your storage unit wisely is an investment in your own peace of mind, so do your homework and find an affordable space that’s ideal for your needs.

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