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Seasons of Storage: Your End of Summer Storage Inventory Checklist

Seasons of Storage: Your End of Summer Storage Inventory Checklist

Seasons of Storage

Welcome to 10 Mini Storage’s “Seasons of Storage” series!

Just as the name implies, the “Seasons of Storage” series will teach you how to get the most from your self-storage unit during all 12 months of the year.

Why launch “Seasons of Storage?”

Each year, as the seasons change, many of our customers aren’t sure what to put into storage or take out of it.

They’re worried about things like:

  • Their belongings being too hot or too cold while in storage
  • Forgetting about an important item
  • Damaging delicate or fragile objects while moving

So we want to make certain that using 10 Mini Storage is a pleasurable, safe and enjoyable experience. Whether it’s sunny, rainy, windy or snowy outside.

First up in the “Seasons of Storage” series: your end-of-summer storage inventory checklist.

It can’t be end-of-summer already

Believe it or not, the end of summer is fast approaching.

Pretty soon, the kids will be back at school and the roads will be filled with people back from summer vacation.

Total bummer.

For most people, end-of-summer storage focuses around putting away certain items:

  • Boats and aquatic vehicles
  • Vehicles
  • Summer clothing
  • Outdoor furniture

So that’s what this checklist will primarily be about.

Boat storageBoats & aquatic vehicles

  • Make sure the support system (blocks, stands or cradles) are in good condition and not damaged or warped
  • Clean the boat thoroughly to ensure mold and mildew doesn’t grow while it’s in storage
  • Fill the boat with fuel (so that it’s ready to go when you take it out next spring or summer)
  • Flush out the cooling system and winterize the boat with antifreeze
  • Remove any electronics and other valuables

Car storageVehicles

  • Wash and wax the car
  • Change the oil and replace the oil filter
  • Fill it up and place fuel stabilizer into the tank as well
  • Make certain the parking brake is off, as this will prevent brake rust from forming
  • Disconnect the battery and place it on a trickle charger
  • Even if you’re storing your car indoors, you should place a car cover over it – of course, this is especially true if you’re storing your car outside

Clothing storageSummer clothing

  • Collect all your seasonal summer garments, including:
    • Bathing suits (make sure they are completely dried)
    • Shorts
    • Sundresses
    • Beach towels
    • Sandals or other summer footwear
  • Properly fold items and store them in appropriate boxes, with the heaviest items located at the bottom
  • Securely seal your clothing boxes with packing or moving tape

Patio furnitureOutdoor furniture

  • Bring any wooden or wicker furniture into storage as soon as you know you won’t be using it anymore (waiting until it gets cold may damage the furniture)
  • Clean all fabrics like hammocks and cushion covers and allow them to air dry before storing them
  • Wipe down any metal furniture with rust-deterrent before placing in storage
  • Store patio chairs by stacking them on top of each other and cover the legs with plastic bags for added protection

We’re the experts for all-season storage

Spring. Summer. Winter. Fall. All year long, you have important items you need to store and keep safe.

The facilities, staff and expertise at 10 Mini Storage ensures that all your belongings will be in the same condition as when you stored them.

When you find that you’re running out of room at home, call us.

We can give you a FREE quote on any of our storage units and help you get the most out of self-storage. No matter what the season is.

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