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Seasons of Storage: Common Myths about Storage Units – Busted!

Seasons of Storage: Common Myths about Storage Units – Busted!


All year long – regardless of the season – customers interested in self-storage contact us with a few misconceptions, such as:FactsandMythst

  • “I’ve heard there’s no security at a self-storage facility”
  • “The units are always dirty”
  • The unit sizes are too small to fit all my stuff”

Since we’ve heard these comments over and over again at Ten Mini Storage, the next installment in our “Seasons of Storage” series looks at common myths people have about self-storage facilities and the actual truth behind them.

Security cameraMYTH: Security is lax at a self-storage centre

FACT: Self-storage facilities have advanced, 24/7 security

Many people using self-storage for the first time are concerned about whether or not their belongings will be kept safe.

Today’s modern storage units come equipped with advanced security features, not unlike those you would find in a high-end warehouse:

  • Individual key codes: When you rent a storage unit, you’re given an access code that’s unique to your unit. Nobody else has the same code and nobody else knows what it is.
  • Fully gated premises: Your storage space isn’t out in the open for anyone to access. It’s enclosed behind a gated security barrier, making it nearly impossible for people to reach.
  • Ongoing video monitoring: High-definition cameras placed in strategic locations means there’s always someone watching out for your items. Would-be thieves see them and walk away.

The old days of risky, unsecure storage facilities are long gone.

Instead, today’s units (like the ones at #10 Mini Storage) deter theft and unauthorized access with some of the toughest safety and security measures you’ll ever encounter.

storage lockersMYTH: Storage units are filthy and never cleaned

FACT: Empty units are inspected and updated on a regular basis

Most people open up their storage unit and expect it to be:

  • Covered in tons of dust
  • Filled with unwanted garbage and debris
  • Damp, moldy and smelly
  • Dark, dingy and falling apart

In reality, empty or available storage rentals are checked regularly to ensure:

  • There are no burnt out or inadequate lights
  • Foundational damage (such as cracks) are repaired
  • Junk left behind from the previous renter is removed
  • It’s cleaned and ready for you to use

A high-quality self-storage facility realizes that it’s important to treat their customers’ items like their own.

To that end, they work to keep their units in pristine condition when not in use.

MYTH: I have too much stuff to fit inside a storage unit

FACT: Storage rentals are available in all sizes to fit your items

It doesn’t matter what you’re storing or how much of it you need to store.

Self-storage spaces are available in multiple and versatile unit sizes, such as:

  • 5×8: The size of a small closet, perfect for storing boxes of records or small furniture
  • 10×10: Easily fit everything that an average sized home bedroom holds
  • 10×20: Enough room to fit a single car or the contents of a one bedroom home
  • 10×30: Around the same size as a 1 ½ car garage that can hold the contents of a mid-size home

There are other unit sizes available as well.

Plus there are outdoor storage options for vehicles like:

Whether you have lots of things to store, or just a few items, or if you need personal or commercial storage, there’s a unit that’s big enough for you.

MYTH: I don’t need a self-storage unit

FACT: If you take time to think about, you’ll find you just might

If you’ve decluttered your home or business diligently and you still find you don’t have enough room for all your items, then a storage unit is a great option for you.

Storage units are a smart choice if you’re moving or looking to store rarely-used items or items too valuable to give up but can’t be stored at home (such as antique furniture).

And if you’re a business owner, a unit rental is perfect for storing items like:

When you look at your situation objectively, you may find that self-storage is indeed the logical option for your belongings.

Moving boxesMYTH: Self-storage facilities won’t help you with your unit

FACT: They’ll provide as much assistance and info as you need

Many people don’t use a self-storage facility (even though they really need it) because the thought of lugging heavy items doesn’t sound too appealing.

In actuality, a progressive self-storage company provides much more than simply a place to store stuff, such as:

Most importantly, they also are available to answer any questions you have about all of their short and long term rental units.

Let us show you what our units are all about

Now you know the truth behind the most common self-storage myths.

But to truly understand the benefits of self-storage, why not contact 10 Mini Storage today?

We’ll be happy to provide you with:

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