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Preparing For Winter Storage

Preparing For Winter Storage

Even though the first day of winter isn’t for a couple of weeks (Thursday, December 21), you can (and should) get a head-start on preparing your valuable items for self-storage here at Ten Mini Storage.

Rent your storage spaceRent your space early

Ideally, you want to have your storage unit booked long before the freezing temperatures and blowing snow kicks in.

After all, it’s much easier to place your belongings (like outdoor patio furniture) in storage when the weather is decent vs. trying to lug and transport heavy furniture when it’s -10°C and snowing.

Plus, you won’t have to struggle with things like:

Don’t wait. If you already know you need winter storage, contact us now to book your unit or to request a FREE quote.

Two things you should do before placing your items in storage

No matter what you’re storing (clothes, furniture, commercial goods or vehicle storage) there are two important things you must do to keep them in perfect condition throughout the

  1. DRY THEM COMPLETELY: Even the smallest bit of water or moisture can freeze, thaw, expand and crack. You also remove the risk of damage caused by prolonged water exposure or mold/mildew growth.
  2. REMOVE ANY DIRT: Otherwise, it could harden and stain your items (especially true for things like outdoor tools and equipment, off-road motorcycles, etc.). Any leftover dirt can also cause odour issues for your items.

Once you’ve dried and cleaned your belongings, inspect them one last time before placing them inside your storage space.

Because the condition you put your items away in should be the same condition as when you pull them out again in spring.

Riding lawnmowerThe best items to self-store for winter

While just about anything is a good candidate for a winter storage rental, it makes perfect sense to place the following things inside a safe, secure and dry unit space:

  • LAWNMOWER/GARDEN TOOLS: You won’t be doing much grass cutting from November to April (at least); so why not free up some valuable garage or shed space?
  • ALL-SEASON TIRES: Tire storage ensures nothing happens to them and gives you extra room in the garage to park your car and keep it out of the cold, snow and ice.
  • OUTDOOR FURNITURE: Although they may be weatherproof, there’s no telling what heavy snow, thick ice or aggressive wind can do to things like tables, chairs or umbrellas.
  • SUMMER/CLASSIC CAR: You invested heavily in your summer ride. Use classic car storage Black sports car(instead of covering it with a tarp in the driveway) to protect and prolong your investment.
  • SPORTING GOODS: To make room for your skis and snowboards, put things like bikes, skateboards, life jackets and hiking boots and canoes in self-storage for the winter.
  • WARM-WEATHER CLOTHING: Boots, jackets and gloves are big and bulky. If you have limited space, create extra room by storing running shoes, shorts, t-shirts, ball caps and more.
  • OUTDOOR PARTY SUPPLIES: Things like the BBQ, outdoor canopies, and bouncy castles for the kids are much better protected and stored inside a storage space stuffed in a basement corner.

Ice on carNeed self-storage this winter? Contact us

When you research the best storage facility for your needs, you want a place that will:

  • Protect your belongings with 24/7 modern security
  • Keep your important items clean, dry and away from the elements
  • Let you access them anytime you need to

That’s what you’ll get with #10 Mini Storage.

Contact us now to get the storage unit you want in time for winter.

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