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More People Use Self-Storage Than You Think

More People Use Self-Storage Than You Think

Self Storage

A self-storage boom is taking place across Canada.

From coast-to-coast (including right here at Ten Mini Storage), more and more people are using storage units for reasons such as:

  • Downsizing and opting for smaller homes but still keeping important belongings safe & accessible.
  • Family changes like divorce or death often leads to storing important items inside a storage rental.
  • Changing tastes and wanting new furniture décor but not wanting to part with sentimental items.
  • Grown children moving home and needing a temporary place to store their belongings.

Because of this, folks from all walks of life choose to rely on the safety and security of storage facilities.

More importantly, they’re ignoring what they see on TV storage shows and the self-storage myths which sometimes float around.

Map of CanadaJust how much self-storage is available in Canada?

Even though it seems there’s a storage facility on every other block, there’s one important thing you should remember: Not all storage units are the same.

So make certain to research all the self-storage rentals you’re considering before making a decision.

With that in mind, here’s a closer look at just how much storage space is used every day (based on industry estimates from the Canadian Self-Storage Association and


  • Number of storage facilities across Canada.


  • Rentable storage space square footage in Canada.


  • Approximate percentage of Canadian households which rent a storage unit.

What sized storage units are being used?

The great thing about storage units is that they come in all sizes and can be used to store all sorts of things, including:

With that in mind, here’s an approximate distribution of storage spaces across Canada by size:

Storage Unit Rental By Size

As the pie chart above illustrates, 10×10 and 10×20 units are incredibly popular. And when you look at how much you can safely fit inside each of those units, it’s no secret why:

  • A 10×10 unit is an averaged sized bedroom and can fit the contents of a 1 bedroom apartment inside.
  • Meanwhile, a 10×20 unit is about the same size as a single car garage and can hold the contents of a two bedroom house, many boxes and/or numerous appliances.

NumbersSo, what do these numbers all mean?

Simply put, these impressive numbers mean that people and families all over Canada are choosing the safety and security of self-storage over selling their items or trying to cram them in their homes.

It also means that if you’ve been thinking about using self-storage, keep in mind that many people just like you already do and are enjoying the benefits it brings:

  • A roomy, spacious location for all your items
  • 24/7 accessibility
  • High-tech video monitoring and alarm systems
  • Your items are kept clean, dry and out of the elements

Storage units have come a long way since the industry was first established (as we know it) around the 1960s.

Back then, self-storage was limited to rickety wooden shacks surrounded by chicken wire located in an out-of-the-way farmer’s field.

Today, self-storage units are state-of-the-art facilities designed to keep your items exactly in the same condition as you leave them.

Take a look at our self-storage units

If you need self-storage, don’t put if off any longer.

After all, your important belongings deserve to be protected and kept safe. And that’s just what they’ll be when you store them at Ten Mini Storage.

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