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Moving Soon? Don’t Forget these Items. Better Yet, Place them in Self-Storage

Moving day box

Moving day is quickly approaching. And in the days leading up to it, you’re:

Since moving day is, well, chaotic, it’s easy to forget smaller or not-so-obvious items.

And only after time has passed do you slap your forehead and say “I can’t believe I forgot THAT at the old house.”

With that in mind, here are some items you should place in a storage unit at Ten Mini Storage.

That way, you’ll be certain to never forget them or leave them at your previous address.

Small tools and equipment

You know to pack your circular saw. You’ve made sure to account for your nail gun and air compressor too.

But those are large items which are hard to miss. It’s the tiny tools and equipment which you might end up forgetting.

Red toolbox

  • YOUR TOOLBOX: A big tool chest is easy to remember. A small, travel-sized toolbox with hammers, screwdrivers, tape measures, and dry wall anchors? You could end up walking right by it as you load the truck.
  • BATHROOM PLUNGER: You never need the bathroom plunger until you really need it. Usually, it’s stored out-of-sight under a seldom-used sink. It’s one of those things which you want to put away as soon as possible.
  • FLASHLIGHT: Flashlights are one of those things where they’re never around when you really need them. Or, you know you own multiple flashlights, but when the power goes out, you can only find one or two.
  • HEDGE SHEARS: Chances are your hedge shears are old and rusted. You only use them a few times per year and once the weather gets cold, you tend to forget about them completely.

How does self-storage help?

No doubt, you’re focused on packing and moving the big things.

But if you collect the small items and place them in self-storage, you don’t have to worry about forgetting or having them get “in the way.”

Then, once you’ve settled down, you can go back to your storage space, collect them, and find the perfect spot for them.

Personal belongings

Shoes, socks, and clothes are easy to remember. After all, you really can’t move into (or live) inside your new house without them.

That said, there are other small, personal objects which are easily forgotten.

One more thing to consider: Unlike say a hammer or screwdriver, it’s difficult to replace the following items if they have sentimental value.

Fancy watch

  • JEWELRY, WATCHES, VALUABLES: You probably won’t be wearing an expensive watch while lugging a heavy grandfather clock. In fact, you may store them in a safe or jewelry box. But if they’re “out of sight”, they may end up “out of mind.”
  • MEDICAL ITEMS: Prescriptions, dental record, appointment cards, first aid kits. By design, these are all small items. They’re also very personal, so it stands to reason you want to keep them tucked away.
  • TOILETRIES: Now, if you forget a toothbrush or toilet paper, it’s not too hard to run to the nearest store and pick some up. It’s the more expensive stuff (like high-end nail polish, cologne, or razors) which are easy to forget and hard to replace.

How does self-storage help?

Not all storage spaces are big and spacious.

There are smaller units (5×8) which are perfect for document storage and keeping valuables safe and secure.

The best part is that they’re incredibly affordable and provide the secure storage you want for your most important items.

Creature comforts

When you’ve got some downtime, you just want to sit on the couch (once it’s set up at your new place) and relax.

Of course, it’s hard to chill out when you forget these items.

Coffee maker

  • COFFEE MAKER: Whether you want to enjoy a cup of coffee for a few quiet minutes or get a jolt of caffeine to help you unpack, your coffee maker is a must. Don’t leave it sitting on the counter at your old place.
  • RADIO: Unpacking always goes faster (and is more enjoyable) when you’ve got music playing in the background. Before you unpack and set up your full stereo system, make sure to pack that old radio you haven’t turned on in months. You’ll be glad you did.
  • CLEAN TOWELS: After a long, tiring day of packing and unpacking moving supplies, all you want to do is enjoy a nice shower in your new home. When you step out and dry yourself off in fresh, fluffy towels, you’re going to feel incredible.

How does self-storage help?

Moving can be a long-term or short-term process.

The same goes for your storage unit. If you only need it for a few weeks until everything major is in place, you can easily keep your creature comforts there.

Conversely, if you’ve got a long-term move ahead of you, a storage space can keep those items safe and ready whenever you need them.

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