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Late Summer Self-Storage Tips

Believe it or not, the unofficial end of summer (Labour Day long weekend) is just a few weeks away.

As the seasons change, you’ll be busy with things like:

  • Back-to-school
  • Going back to work (if you enjoyed some time off in summer).
  • Family holidays (Thanksgiving is October 8, and Christmas/New Year’s will soon follow).

Add it all up and it means you’ll have less time than usual to visit your storage unit at Ten Mini Storage and check on your belongings.

The next time you’re visiting your storage space (and before things get too hectic), make certain you follow these timely tips.

Check the condition of your cardboard boxes

Like many people, you may have gathered cardboard storage boxes for free from places such as:

  • Grocery stores.
  • Warehouse clubs.
  • Liquor stores.

And while the price is right, the quality of those boxes may not be suited for long-term secure storage.

Check those boxes for tears, rips, holes, or even dampness (for example, if food was previously placed inside them).

Do they look weak and worn? If so, replace them with sturdy, reliable boxes which you won’t have to worry about.

Rearrange the items inside your unit

Right now, your storage unit is filled with fall and winter items like:

And eventually, you’ll need to put your summer items in there, such as:

  • Lawn mower.
  • Outdoor patio furniture.
  • Seasonal sporting equipment.

When it comes time to take things out and place things inside your self-storage, you want it be as easy as possible.

See where you have your belongings currently situated. Make sure you have enough room to move around and safely and quickly access everything you need to.

Take stock of what’s inside your unit

When you first packed your storage unit, everything you placed inside it were items you wanted to keep.

The next time you visit your storage rental, take a good look at what you’ve got there and ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do I want to keep this object? If so, then keep it.
  • Can someone else use this item (because I won’t)? If so, either sell it or donate it.
  • Is this thing no good to anybody? If so, get rid of it.

Pretty soon, you’ll find more room inside your storage space for you to store additional items which are important to you.

And if you can sell a couple of things, that’ll end up in some extra money in your pocket.

Think about the weather

Wait a minute. If your items are inside a dry unit, why do you have to worry about the weather?

Well, if you have an unheated storage unit, it can get pretty cold inside once the temperature drops outside.

The following items are particularly susceptible to chilly conditions:

  • Clothing.
  • Furniture.
  • Electronics.
  • Fragile items like dishware.

You may want to take some extra precaution for your belongings.

For example, you may want to wrap any electronics inside a think tarp or similar kind of moving supply. Or if there’s anything you don’t want to sit on the floor, you should consider placing it on a skid or pallet.

Need a storage unit for all the seasons? Contact Ten Mini Storage

No matter what the season, a secure storage space will keep your belongings safe from the elements.

And with a unit from #10 Mini Storage, you’ll be able to access your items anytime – day or night – all year long.

That way, even when life gets super busy, you still have options when it comes to visiting your storage space.

Look at our available storage unit sizes and pricing information. Or contact us with any questions you may have.