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How to Store Seasonal Decorations

Whether it’s to save space or so they are easy to find next year, having a sensible storage system for your seasonal decorations is always a good idea. How often do we just pile them all in cardboard boxes and stash them away once the holiday is over, as if it isn’t going to come around again next year? If you want to stay organized and make the process as streamlined as possible, here are some tips on how to store seasonal decorations that will help you out.

Use Clear Containers

If you have ever spent time opening and closing containers to find what you are looking for, you know just how time-consuming and frustrating it can be. Even though you committed it to memory last year, by the time holiday season rolls around again it’s all been washed away. Using clear containers to store your seasonal decorations is an easy and affordable solution to this problem. If you use bags for any of the seasonal items, you can make them clear, too. Then all it takes is a quick peek and you’ll be able to find exactly what you need.

Label Everything Descriptively

Labels are another great way to stay organized and find what you need in a hurry. Even if you use clear containers, labeling the outside of the box and placing an inventory list inside the box will make your life a lot easier next year.

Trim the Excess

Everyone has older decorations they haven’t used in years, and keeping them around is just wasting space. Whether your tastes have changed or you just don’t have room to put them all out, getting rid of the excess will make the process easier and give you more storage space. Consider giving the extra decorations to family members or friends to keep them alive.

Break Out the Shrinkwrap

If you use an artificial Christmas tree, consider shrinkwrapping it once you pack it away for the next year. Not only will it be economical for space, but your tree will remain clean and protected no matter where you happen to store it. Next year, all you need to do is cut through the shrinkwrap with scissors, shape the branches and you’re good to go.

Try Hanging Wreaths and Ornaments

If you have space in your garage or basement for a portable clothing rack, it is a great place to hang wreaths and some ornaments. This will ensure they don’t break or lose their shape, and you can fit quite a few on a standard rack. You can also attach small rods in plastic bins and loop your breakable ornaments on the rod to hang them and keep them safe.

Use a Storage Reel for the Lights

If you have ever ended up with a huge tangled mess of Christmas lights, this tip is for you. Using a basic storage reel for your lights will help you avoid all that frustration and help you put them up quickly and efficiently. You can get some that are specifically designed for holiday lights, making the process even easier.

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