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How Self-Storage Helps Seniors

Self-storage for seniorsHow Self-Storage Helps Seniors

Self-storage isn’t just for families who are moving, businesses looking for a commercial storage solution or people wanting outdoor storage for their vehicles.

Seniors and retirees also benefit from a safe, easily accessible storage units from Ten Mini Storage.

Here’s why.


Upon reaching retirement, many seniors are finally able to take stock of where they live and what they have.

And if they plan on decluttering, a storage rental can free up much-needed space while keeping important and sentimental objects secure.

Some things seniors pack away in self-storage include:

  • Toys their children or grandchildren played with
  • Clothing that can be used as hand-me-downs later on
  • Photo albums or books to be safely put away inside special document storage
  • Family heirlooms which are irreplaceable

Although many of these items are greatly important, they do take up room and aren’t immediately needed.

Therefore, a storage unit is a smart option to keep those special belongings safe – but still close by – at the same time.


Living in a large home with multiple floors or staircases can be problematic for seniors with mobility issues.

Downsizing to a smaller home (but still keeping important items in a storage space) is an attractive and logical choice

For example, a senior couple may move from a large home into a retirement condo. However, there’s no room for things like large, antique furniture or a special grandfather clock.

If selling them isn’t an option, placing them in a long-term storage rental makes perfect sense for a variety of reasons:

  • They’re kept safe
  • They won’t be in the way (especially if room is tight)
  • There’s no chance of them getting damaged or lost
  • They can be accessed anytime

With self-storage for seniors, downsizing doesn’t mean selling off prized or precious items.

It does mean that those irreplaceable items will be protected and secure for as long as you need them to be.

Seniors travelingTraveling

Many seniors travel for extended periods upon retirement.

(As well they should; they’ve earned it).

Placing valuable items such as jewelry, home documents or other collectables inside a self-storage unit at #10 Mini Storage ensures they’re watched and protected 24/7 with things like:

  • Video monitoring
  • Fully gated premises
  • Key code entry

Unfortunately, when seniors travel, their empty homes become targets for would-be thieves and criminals.

Should you (and your home) become victimized, there’s some solace in knowing that your extremely valuable – to the point of being priceless – items will still be in the same place and same condition that you left them in.


As seniors age, mobility and balance can become an issue.

Renting a self-storage unit can help reduce falls as it eliminates the tripping hazard clutter (especially if it’s small or hard to spot) presents.

Clearing or removing seldom-used items in a home or apartment will help keep walking routes free. It also creates more room on surface areas like tabletops or countertops.

Plus, packing up heavy items inside moving supplies and storing them away will prevent any elderly folks from picking up and moving things they shouldn’t.

Senior self-storage tips

Not everything needs to go inside a storage rental unit.

That said, some items just make more sense when it comes to self-storage, including:

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