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Getting Rid of Stuff? 4 Questions to Ask Yourself

Downsizing and decluttering seem to be two of the main “to do’s” on people’s agendas these days. And for good reason: Far from being just a trend or a conversation topic, getting rid of stuff you no longer need brings plenty of benefits to an already hectic life. Physical space and mental space go hand-in-hand. Clutter is visual noise, and the disarray seeps into our mental well-being as well.  

Getting rid of your stuff in storage can be challenging. Things in storage usually have some personal value or you think you might have a practical use for it someday. After all, that’s why you decided to pay rent and store it. However, many times, “personal value” translates into guilt and “someday” never comes. Sometimes, we hold onto things based on hope, and you eventually end up with storage full of useless-never-used-objects. Additionally, when stuff is in storage, you don’t see it very often. Because these things are not top of mind, they are easy to forget about or continue to put off dealing with. The truth is, all that stuff will eventually begin to weigh you down, not just because it’s taking up space, but also because it’s translating into emotional baggage. 

Questions to Ask Yourself when You’re Getting Rid of Clutter  

Start by asking yourself the following questions:  

  1. Do I honestly need this item? 
  2. Do I love it? 
  3. Does it have real significance in my life? 
  4. Does it serve a purpose?

Be ruthless when you answer these questions. If the answer to these questions is “no,” it’s time to get rid of that thing and move onto the next one.  

Let Your Goals Shape Your Organizing When You’re Getting Rid of Stuff  

Organizing your physical space around the objectives you want to accomplish will naturally start to declutter your space. Think of a target you want to meet soon and come up with concrete action steps towards that goal. Prioritizing will allow you to organize your space in a way that makes those goals more tangible. 

Nonetheless, it’s crucial to be ruthlessly honest with yourself about what you really need to get done and what you’re just fooling yourself. 

Think About Digitizing your Life 

A lot of useless stuff you might have in your storage could fit on a hard drive if you’re willing to take on the projects. Old items you want to keep but would be ready to toss if you had a digital version, you might want to consider translating them into digital format. 

For instance, the digitizing of stacks of photos, old VHS tapes, and other stuff associated with the pack-rat’s worst enemy “sentimental value” will save so much physical and mental space. You’ll make room for new memories.  

Getting rid of stuff you’ve come to love over the years can be stressful and challenging, but chances are you’ll come to love the extra space even more. Each little thing that goes out of your storage door is one less thing you must find a place for, organize again and again, or clean. And that is freedom. 

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