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Earth Day Self-Storage Tips

Earth DayEarth Day Self-Storage Tips

Earth Day is April 22.

When it comes to self-storage and the environment, many people may feel the two are mutually exclusive.

Most storage units are indoors. We tend to think of the outdoors when it comes to Earth Day.

However, you can bring green thinking to your storage space at 10 Mini Storage with these planet-friendly self-storage tips.

Tip 1: Dry storage is the best storage

Without a proper storage rental space, you may be inclined to store your belongings in places like:

  • Outdoor sheds
  • Unfinished basements
  • Non-insulated garages

And while they seem handy and convenient, over time, the lack of protection from moisture (and other elements) will eventually damage your items.

When that happens, those ruined goods will end up in a garbage dump or landfill.

To protect your items (and keep them out of crowded landfills) is to store them in a safe, clean and dry facility. You can start by asking for a FREE quote on our units.

Cardboard boxesTip 2: Use high-quality cardboard boxes whenever possible

If you’re planning on storing items or documents for an extended period of time, don’t keep them in old, flimsy cardboard boxes.

They’ll eventually break down and dissipate, causing its contents to spill out.

Instead, use high-quality cardboard boxes and other strong moving supplies which are designed to last for a very long time.

Today, virtually all cardboard boxes are made from recycled materials.

Plus they’re more environmentally-friendly to manufacture than plastic containers.

Tip 3: Wrapping materials

Wrapping or packing your belongings in old newspapers is eco-friendly, but it’s actually not very effective for a few reasons:

  • If the newspaper gets wet, it breaks down and no longer provides protection
  • The ink from the newspaper can bleed onto your items

Use professional-grade packing peanuts instead.

They’re made from recycled newspapers but don’t have any newsprint ink to worry about.

One more green packing solution to consider:

  • Use paper towels instead of bubble wrap for wrapping fragile items. Paper towels are made from recycled materials and can be used afterwards to clean your items during moving or after storage.

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Tip 4: Packing ties, not packing tape

Tape is convenient, but it also:

  • Can take a lot of it to properly secure items
  • Requires a lot of energy and resources to manufacture
  • Gets thrown away after just one use

Plastic ties or ropes can are much better at securing items like extension cords, hoses, handles and curtain rods than trying to tape them together.

And unlike packing tape, ties are made to be used over and over again.

RecycleTip 5: Recycle as much as you can

The best and easiest way to go green in your storage unit is to recycle as much as you can.

Whether it’s a box, container, packing material or other moving supplies, chances are there’s a practical way to recycle it.

If you store and use things on a seasonal basis (like Christmas decorations), use the same boxes to load, shuttle and unload items to and from your home.

Store green and store safe with us

At Ten Mini Storage, we have everything you need for reliable, Earth-friendly storage:

It’s the smart way to keep your important items safe while doing your part for the environment too.

To learn more about our units and how they protect your belongings, feel free to contact us with all your questions.

Or you can also ask for a FREE quote on any storage rental unit you’re interested in.

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