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Downsizing? Here are 5 Things You Should Store Instead of Sell

Downsizing? Here are 5 Things You Should Store Instead of Sell

Thinking of downsizing fairly soon?

Then you need to make a plan to safely store the items you want to keep in your new, smaller place.

If you don’t have enough room for everything, don’t simply sell them or get rid of them. Store them with Ten Mini Storage instead.

Here’s a list of items which you should definitely keep and store with us if you don’t have adequate space in your house.

1. Important documents

Chances are, any archived paper documents you need can be found online:

On the other hand, there are other items which are paper-only (or at the very least, very hard to replace), such as:

  • Marriage licenses
  • Birth or death certificates
  • Legal documents
  • Health records
  • Investment statements
  • Property deeds

If there’s no room to store them in your home, don’t just throw them away or crumple them up in a forgotten drawer.

Instead, keep them safe, secure and accessible with reliable document storage.




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2. Prized possessions

Anything that has high sentimental or personal value is worth keeping; even if you don’t have room for it at home.

Self-storage units are designed to protect valuable, fragile and antique items such as:

  • Those silver candlesticks from your great-grandmother
  • Your uncle’s favourite reading lamp
  • Military medals which you’re great grandfather proudly earned
  • Toys which your mom had as a child

These are irreplaceable items. You may not have room for them now, but at some point, you might.

Until that day comes, a storage unit is the smart option to put them away safely with the option of accessing them whenever you want.

Landline phone3. Landline telephone

Like many people, you may be using your cellular device as your main telephone.

It doesn’t happen often, but there are times when your cellphone provider goes down.

Or perhaps your battery dies at the worst possible moment.

When that happens, you need a backup plan. And that’s the good ol’ fashioned landline telephone.

Ideally, you should have at least one active landline phone in your home. That way, you can always call out and be reached in case of an emergency.

And by keeping your other telephones in self-storage, you can quickly get them and install them whenever the need arises.

4. Vintage electronics

What’s old is new again:

  • Vinyl records are back in vogue after CDs and digital music files
  • Retro video games are popular
  • DVDs (especially of movies not on Netflix) are always in-demand

So even though you may not have room for that old Nintendo system or classic turntable, you’ll still want to keep them.

They’re almost impossible to replace otherwise. And you’ll never know when you’ll get the chance to play them again.

Toy car5. Collections and collectibles

Whether it’s model cars, retro figurines or fuzzy dice, you spent time, effort and money building your collection.

Don’t let it go to waste just because you’re downsizing or having a garage sale.

If you want to keep these collectible items, simply pack them up in some professional grade moving supplies (after all, you want to protect them) and bring them to your storage rental.

Your valuable collection can only go up in value if it’s kept in mint condition.

That can’t happen in a smaller home or condo which simply doesn’t have the room.

It can happen in a safe, dry and clean self-storage unit.

Got important items you want to keep? Trust Ten Storage to protect them

When downsizing, you have to make tough decisions on things you want to keep.

And when those decisions are made, you need to find the best place to store those items.

If they can’t remain in your home, the safest option is to place them in self-storage.

For more information about our storage units, what they hold and how they protect your valuable belongings, contact us with your questions (or ask for a FREE quote if you know what you want).

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