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How Self-Storage Helps Seniors

How Self-Storage Helps Seniors Self-storage isn’t just for families who are moving, businesses looking for a commercial storage solution or people wanting outdoor storage for their vehicles. Seniors and retirees also benefit from a safe, easily accessible storage units from Ten Mini Storage. Here’s why. Decluttering Upon reaching retirement, many seniors are finally able to […]

Should You Insure Your Storage Unit?

Should You Insure Your Storage Unit? If you’re a homeowner, chances are you have homeowner’s insurance. And if you rent an apartment, you probably have renter’s insurance. So if you rent a storage unit from Ten Mini Storage (or any other self storage company, for that matter) should you have storage insurance? In order to […]

Happy Holidays from #10 Mini Storage

Happy Holidays from #10 Mini Storage From everyone at 10 Mini Storage, we’d like to wish you and your family the best of the season during the holidays. We’d also like to thank all of our great customers for making 2015 our most successful year ever when it comes to providing safe, clean and reliable […]

Declutter Your Home For Garage Sale Season

Declutter Your Home For Garage Sale Season Spring cleaning is a rite of the season. We go through our house – top to bottom – and find things we want to keep, get rid of or sell. Hosting (or attending) garage sales are another rite of spring. It’s fascinating to see what people have accumulated […]

8 Reasons to Gift a Storage Unit this Year

8 Reasons a Storage Unit Could Make a Great Christmas Gift Stumped for a gift idea for the person who has everything? How about a place to store “everything?” Seriously, the oft-overlooked gift of storage space is the gift that keeps on giving. Check out these eight ideas for why a storage unit may be […]

Back to School Storage

Back to School Storage University is a time for new experiences, friends and, hopefully, education. However, by the time teens return home from their first year, they’ve generally acquired more than lasting memories and an appreciation for algorithms. Getting them packed up for a new school year means deciding what to do with the seemingly […]

How to Store and Protect Clothing in Storage

How to Store and Protect Clothing in Storage If your closets and dressers are overflowing or you need a place to store rarely worn suits, dresses or winter jackets, pants and sportswear during the offseason, a storage unit comes in very handy. It is a good place for keeping safe clothes that have sentimental value […]