RV Storage Tips for Winter Self Storage

RV Storage Tips for Winter Self Storage

As winter begins to approach it is time to start thinking about RV storage. Preparing your RV properly can be the difference between being able to step into your RV next spring and immediately hit the road, or have to go to the repair shop first. Here’s a list to help guide you to the open road rather than the mechanic:

Completely clean everything and fix damage

Wash every inch of your RV. If any mildew has gotten a toe hold it will be out of control come spring. Once you have it washed be sure to completely dry it before putting it away. With everything clean you will be able to see any damage. Get this fixed and clean again if needed.

Care for you tires and moving parts

Blocking your tires or jacking the weight up off of them will keep flat spots from developing on them. Be sure to lubricate all moving parts and ball bearings so that they don’t stiffen up while being stored. If you’re storing in an outside self storage area, buy light coloured tire covers to preserve them for longer.

RV covers and escaping moisture

Moisture is the enemy of storing an RV. Use a breathable tarp that allows moisture to escape naturally. If this moisture were not allowed to escape it could lead to black mold, corrosion and rust. Finding those in the spring would be a bad experience. For the interior of your RV use a container of Dri-AOAir or Damp Rid. Even a basic silica gel can do the trick.

Doing these basic things will make every RV storage season translate into a successful spring once you’re ready to hit the road again.