Preparing the plumbing of your RV

Preparing the plumbing of your RV

Getting your RV ready for winter storage in the GTA is the same whether you choose to go with an indoor or outdoor storage option.

Start with these must do steps and be well on your way to readying your RV for the winter.

This is always the longest task and that is why we are focusing on it. Your plumbing system is the one system that can cause the most damage and deserves the most attention. Here are step by step directions on what to do:

  1. Empty out the fresh and waste water tanks as soon as you can after the last campout of the year, even at the last campsite. You will not likely get it all out but it is a good start.
  2. Begin purging the lines by turning on all the faucets and showers. Unlatch the drain tanks to eliminate any other fluids. Be sure to drain the toilet and water heater. All water must go.
  3. Scrub down the black water holding tanks by closing any open faucets and drain plugs and using a water wand. This is an attachment that shoots high pressure water. It works well when rinsing black water tanks as it lets the user access the inner areas through the toilet.
  4. Your fresh water and gray water tanks require a bit more finesse. The easiest way to clean them is to fill it with fresh water and add some baking soda or bleach. The recommended mixture is 1 cup for every 15 gallons.

The lazy way to get it clean now is drive around on a bumpy road, allowing the movement of the water to do the work for you. With that done drain the tanks of all water, close all faucets, valves and other shut off points before furthering your RV winter storage preparations in the GTA.

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