How to Prepare Your Boat for Winter Storage

Prepare Your Boat for Winter Storage

Self storage rental sites offer a great place for your next winter boat storage. Properly preparing your boat for this time on land will be of great benefit to you come next boating season. Follow these steps and you will be ready for next spring:

  1. Clean the boat absolutely thoroughly. Preventing mold and mildew is one consideration, but this will also allow you to see any damage that may need repair.
  2. Now that you can clearly see them, fix these damages. Why wait until the spring when you want to get your boat out on the water? Getting it done early gets you on the water again as soon as possible.
  3. Take out your spark plugs and use a can of spray fog meant for engines. Replace the spark plugs and turn the engine over without starting it. This will coat the cylinders and protect them for the winter.
  4. Your specific motor will vary on this step, but most will recommend that a fuel stabilizer be added to the motor. Read up on what your engine require in the owners manual.
  5. Flush out the cooling system. Flushing kits are available at any boat store or dealer.
  6. Now it is time to drain the oil from your boat. You will do this because any water that has built up can freeze in the winter and damage your engine. Basic oil draining techniques apply.

Now choose a self storage rental site that allows drive up access and additional security. Winter boat storage can be this simple and easy. Try it out next winter and be prepared to enjoy a great spring.